Diamond Rocket

Production Services


International Producer

Known as “Despi” to her Greek friends and family, Debbie brings a mix of Mediterranean fire and British “PC” to everyday life at team DR.

She speaks so many languages (we think Martian might even be one of them… French, Greek and Spanish are for sure), and she’s worked with top directors and clients from all over the world during her 20 years career in production.


International Executive Producer

Driven, Unstoppable. Fiery. Are all understatements when describing this incredible lady.

Yummy mummy of two young kids, Sara is a powerhouse in communication and her extensive experience working with celebrities makes her a true sparkle in our Diamond!


Executive Producer

Give him a rock and he’ll climb it. This pretty much sums up both Guillermo’s strong work ethic and also what he loves doing in his free time.

Creative, determined and capable of bringing solutions to the most complex production, he’s definitely the “rock” in
our Rocket!


Managing Director

Her reputation precedes her, and so does her character! Never a dull day in the office with the boss around.

Over 40 years of pioneering in creative production has shaped Mari Paz into the powerhouse and industry reference that she is today. Just remember to duck when you hear her war cry!